I couldn’t believe it when I found a daddy long legs above my bed. It was huge and I kept feeling like it was going to fall on me. My whole cabin was scared… So I wasn’t alone. I passed the Red-back on Tina’s window on the way to get a teacher. “Just leave it.” the teacher said. “It might be creepy but just leave it!’ On the way back to my cabin I passed another cabin and a girl called Lilli asked me ” What was that about?”

I replied and said ” Oh it’s nothing. It’s just that there’s a daddy long legs spider just above my bed. It’s creeping me and also my whole cabin out. But nobody has the guts to smash it.”

“I’ll do it!” Lilli answered


“Are you sure?” I asked Lilli

“Yeah, I’m sure.” She said

On the way down to my cabin I couldn’t stop talking. All I said on repeat was “Oh thanks Lilli! How are you not scared to smash it?”

Once we got to my cabin, Lilli grabbed one of my shoes, climbed on to my bunk and smashed the spider, climbed back down, gave me back my shoe and said “There you go!” and left. Once she left I called after her “Thanks Lilli!”