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Spelling week 3 term 3

Activity 4 1. Tornados turn around and destroy buildings 2. Volcanos have lava come out of them 3. An annotated diagram is a labelled diagram 4. Literature is like literacy. Activity 6 ?

Math Mate sheet 2 term 3

Q.Carl looked at the page numbers on the open book in front of him. The left and right page equals 333. What where the page numbers? A. 166 and 167


Activity 1 1. Cans are made out of Aluminium. 2. I am a mathematician 3. I found a monarch. 4.I found a personification in my book. 5. My friend thinks she’s a Landlord. Activity 2 I don’t know what that… Continue Reading →


As we were planning a family trip overseas my parents and my sister finally listened to my idea. ”Guys!” Iscream over the loud chattering,”Guys why don’t we go to Brazil?” ”Great idea Primrose!” says my little sister Cat ”I hear… Continue Reading →

100WC Week 35

As I am running through the gateway in the cold my insides shrivel up. It looks Like my skin is turning black, No joke. The snow storm got stronger when I walked through the arch. I was supposed to meet… Continue Reading →

100WC week 36

As we walk closer to the mysterious item 5m meters away. But the claw comes down and snatches it. Whipppp! The item is gone. It goes up to the claws hatch. Which show that the items head is getting cut off…. Continue Reading →

Spelling week 8

1. My little cousin said a molecule like a bear. 2. My brother made a poster that said reduce, reuse, recycle. 3. Goal- to identify a molecule that is bear shaped. 4. Particles are in everything. 5. Consumer is a… Continue Reading →

Balloon story

Esmay very excited for the cold week ahead. Stop-port was normally a forgotten  town in England. But Stop-port had a beautiful restaurant called Taybarn with a hotel right across the road. But the most important thing is her birthday is… Continue Reading →

Activity 1 Experiment: When explore something new to you. Viscosity: If a item has low viscosity it’s slow if it has high viscosity it runs quickly. Hydrogen: It is a gas Helium: When you blow up a balloon and put… Continue Reading →


As I walk through the forest, A struck of lightning hits me. I start to shrink. Smaller and smaller I grow. I soon become the size of a atom. Small and not visible. As the hour grows later the colder… Continue Reading →

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